Practical Content Marketing Tips – How to Repurpose Your Article Title For More Prospects & Profits

In Article Marketing there are many ways you can reuse and repurpose the title of your article to extend your reach on the Internet.

EzineArticles and Twitter

Taking your title and using it on Twitter — all you have to do is take your title over to Twitter and tweet it and give the link. That’s repurposing your title. That can be done automatically for you by EzineArticles each time an article is published, and you can also do it yourself.

Come in there, follow behind the automatic tweet, use your article title in the link, and say a couple of things about what they’re going to get, a couple of the benefits of reading the article. When you set it up right, every time you do a tweet, it will also automatically go to your Facebook account.

So you’ve taken the title from EzineArticles, it automatically gets repurposed to Twitter, then you come in behind it, use the title, and it will get picked up by Facebook too. And that’s not using your whole article, folks, that’s just using the title, over and over again.

I recommend that when articles first come out, and as you watch what’s happening over on Twitter, and you notice people talking about your subject or asking a question about your expertise, that’s when you come back in and use your article title to refer them to one of your articles. You’re seen as helpful, social, and an expert when you do this.

Membership sites

We’re going to go all the way from a simple strategy like that to get new people, all the way to using titles to bring in current people and to have people that are current come back to you. Imagine all your titles. Let’s say you get to 50 articles on a particular topic.

Why not create a membership site around your articles? And part of the membership site would be a page where every one of your article titles is listed so that people can click on them. Some of you will be thinking, “Well, why would anybody go and pay to see all those articles if they’re already up on EzineArticles?”

Folks, people pay for packaging and convenience. How many times have you spent more in a store for something because you can get it quick and you can get it packaged a certain way, when you know you could drive down the street and get it somewhere else? People pay for convenience. People pay for packaging.

So you can have all of your titles listed that way in the membership site, with maybe a little bit more information in each article, maybe some questions. But you can do the same thing with your article titles; it’s just using it over and over again. That’s how to repurpose your article title.


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