Practical Content Marketing Tips – How to Repurpose Your Article Description For More Traffic

Do you know how to reuse your article description to bring in more prospects and profits? Then I really want you to read and take action on this article.

Article Email

It’s called article email. Send out an email to your list, and in the subject line, put “Discover how to make money with article marketing.” I’m just using this as an example. In the body, you ask the question. Ask a question, promise the answer. “Can you or can you not make money with article marketing? Read on to bust the myth and discover the truth,” or “Click here to bust the myth and discover the truth.” And then provide the link.

You’re bringing people that are already in your list community back for more information from you. This sets you up as being helpful and this kind of thing is what allows me to send out as much email as I do, without getting a horde of unsubscribes, because I send out helpful stuff. It’s not like I’m hitting you with an offer every day, like some people do.

Where is the article?

Now, where’s that article going to be housed? You have a couple of choices here. You can send people to EzineArticles, certainly, and they’ll read the article, and then they can click through to your site and download more things and find out more.

That may have been how they came in in the first place, so you can send them to where the article is on your blog. You can have the article housed on your website. Now, the advantage to having the article on your blog or on your website is you can also have other things in there, just sitting there alongside the article – offers, etc – or you can make an offer at the end of the article.

Instead of the resource box, you can say, “Check this out” and send them to an offer page.

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