Practical Content Marketing Tips – How to Never Ever Run Out of Timely Ideas For Your Articles

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Do you know how to never ever run out of timely ideas for your articles? Here are some ideas on how to do free market research to come up with endless fresh article ideas.

The Oprah Effect

If you are in the relationship, weight loss, law of attraction, or any other niche on which Oprah Winfrey does her shows, then you have a daily ripe and ready picking ground for article ideas. Watch the show, or tape the show and then watch it. Write articles around that topic. You benefit from all the market research they did plus you get to play off the popularity and reach of the show.

Niche News

Is there a TV show or magazine that focuses on your niche? Then you need to watch the show or read the magazine and write articles about the current topics. Once again you are benefiting from their market research, either for free or for a lot less than they spent.

Forums and Discussion Boards

Go to Google and type in the name of your niche followed by “forum” and/or discussion boards. Go in and pay attention to the questions being asked, the debates going on, and the topics being discussed. This allows you to find out what the hot topics are and what your ideal clients want to know.

Article Directories

Search for your topic on the Article Directories. Read the articles that are getting the most views and getting re-published the most. Then just do a better job with the topic.

Any one of these is going to give you a ton of ideas. Do all of them and you’ve got it made.

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