Practical Content Marketing Tips – How to Fix Your Article Title to Pull in More Readers

Article Marketing begins with a great article title. You want to craft a title that will pull the reader into the article and will also be found by the search engines.

The benefit here is how to get the most leverage and reach out of each and every article. You’re going to be able to get leverage and reach when you read this.

My article title formula

My article title formula goes like this – Keywords – Benefits – Keywords. You want to start your article with keywords, include the benefit(s) to the reader, and use your keywords in the title again. Check out the title of this article to see how the formula looks in real life use.

Practice playing with your article titles and following that formula. Keywords – Benefits – Keywords. Your articles will get picked up and be more visible when you do that.

Every time that I go through these tips with people that already have articles out there and they haven’t done this, they think they’ve done it all wrong. Don’t panic. There are a couple of things that you can do.

One, you can completely forget about those articles and never fix them and just use these strategies going forward and you’ll be fine. Those articles will still get picked up and read, just not as much as when you use this strategy.

The other good thing is as you go forward using this strategy and your new articles are picked up people will find your old articles. I call it the John Grisham effect. When you find a new novelist or a new writer and you really like what they do you want to read more about them. You go find other things they’ve written. It’s the same way here.

Secondly, if you really want to get crazy and go back and edit those articles you can.

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