Practical Content Marketing Tips – How to Discover the Myths in Your Niche and Write More Articles

Content marketing works best when you have a high volume of articles. One of the best ways to increase your article volume is to write about myths in your niche, the things people believe that are just not true.

But how do you discover the myths in your niche?

How to identify myths in your niche

Here are three strategies to identify myths in your niche.

1. What are the commonly held mis-beliefs in your niche?

One of the ones in my niche is that you can’t make money with articles. You can’t make money with article marketing. I love that myth. I love busting that myth.

Step back and consider. What are the ones in your niche that are commonly held misconceptions or commonly held beliefs?

2. What questions are you frequently asked by your list community, your members, your clients?

What questions are you frequently asked that reveal a myth? Those of you that have been following me for a while know I laugh every time somebody asks me about duplicate content because of the big myth about how deadly it is and what you’ve got to do to avoid it.

A lot of times in frequently asked questions, there is a myth in there that you can pick up and exploit for the good of you and for the good of your clients, giving them the right information and demonstrating that you’re in fact an expert in your field.

A little known way to discover myths

3. Pay attention to the questions asked by other people on teleseminars and at live, in-person seminars that reveal a myth.

Many times when I speak at conferences or go to conferences, one of the things I’m listening for are the questions that come from the audience.

Those are great articles. Those reveal a lot of myths and that’s even a great place to discover products in your niche. What are the questions that people are asking? What do they need?

You can build products, articles, content, and teleseminars all around that. They will also reveal different myths and misconceptions that you can write about and show your expert ability.

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