Practical Content Marketing Tips – How to Create an Eye-Catching, Prospect Grabbing Article Title

Article Marketing is the best free way to bring in immediate, consistent and regular traffic to your web sites and blogs.

And it all begins with your article title.  So do you know how to create an eye-catching, prospect-grabbing title for your articles? Do this one thing well and you are off to a great start. Read on to discover the exact steps.

An eye-catching, prospect-grabbing title

The purpose of your article title is just like a headline in a newspaper – get the readers attention and compel them to want to read the article.

Here is a strategy to do just that:

Strategy:  Front load your title with keywords

That’s a fancy schmancy way of saying, “Make sure there are keywords in the first four words of your title.” The title of this article could be “How to Create an Eye-Catching, Prospect Grabbing Article Title.”

It’s got benefits. It’s got “How to.” It’s got keywords, but guess what? On the internet that title stinks, because “How to Create an” are the first four words. When somebody goes over and types in article marketing to a search engine like Google and all the little search engines send out their little spiders to go find information all over the internet and there are no keywords in the first four words, boom, the spiders are gone. They don’t return your article as a possible match.

That’s why on the front of this title you see, “Practical Content Marketing Tips.” The keywords there are content marketing. I could just say, Content Marketing – How to Create an Eye-Catching, Prospect Grabbing Article Title but I like to brand myself and own different phrases, so that’s why content marketing is sort of sandwiched in using Practical Content Marketing Tips.

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