Practical Content Marketing Tips – Discover the Top 7 Tips For Creating Viral Articles

Content marketing is one of the best ways to create endless waves of traffic to your web site or blog. You can do this by turning your articles into what I call Viral Traffic Machines.

Here are the top 7 ways to do just that:

Tip 1 – Get the Big Picture – Article marketing allows you to submit your articles to Article Directories and spread your information all over the internet. Do this regularly and over time you can build a massive web presence.

Tip 2 – Remember the Purpose of Article Directories. The purpose of Article Directories is to give the owners of web sites, blogs and newsletter a place to find content (your content) and use it on their web sites, etc. complete with links back to you.

Tip 3 – Other People’s Traffic (OPT) – Your articles begin to get in front of other people’s traffic. You do not have to chase other people’s traffic, other people are placing you and your information in front of their traffic.

Tip 4 – Include Benefits in Your Article Title – Notice that the title of this article includes the words “The Top 7 Tips for Creating Viral Articles.” This told you right away what benefits you would get from reading this article.

Tip 5 – Your Assistant Title – The description of your article serves to pull the reader further into the article. The article title captures the readers attention and the description pulls them further in.

Tip 6 – Chunks of Text – When you deliver your article in chunks of text it gives the psychological impression that this article will be quick and easy to read. More publisher’s will be likely to use your article.

Tip 7 – A Great Offer – In your Resource Box, offer your reader something of great value, and you will get more traffic coming in from your articles.

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