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computer and mouseI’ve got a few questions for you about getting the traffic you want with Article Marketing.

Do you need more traffic to your website?

Do you really want it bad?

Are you willing to invest 30 minutes or less a day?

Can you come up with 300 or more intelligent words about your niche on a regular basis?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then I’d like to show you how to create endless waves of traffic with your articles.

Just 3 steps

Sometimes I hear that I make things sound so easy and it really can’t be that easy to do. Yes it is and yes it can. I mean, I could make it more complicated and hard for you, but why?

Step 1 – Craft a great quality article on a regular basis – I recommend an article a day because “an article a day keeps recession away.” It’s very doable. If you are not ready to do an article a day, just make sure you get on some kind of regular writing schedule to reap the full traffic benefits of Article Marketing.

Step 2 – Submit your article to the Article Directories – When you submit your articles to Article Directories you get two immediate traffic benefits: 1) You get in front of all the traffic coming into the Directories, and 2) You get in  front of OPT – Other People’s Traffic when other publishers post your article on their website, blog or newsletter.

Step 3 – Rinse and repeat – Do this over and over again on a consistent basis and you will love the traffic that you could not stop if you wanted to, and you won’t want to.

This process gets you three kinds of traffic – immediate, regular and long-term. Immediate traffic comes when one of your articles is published and announced on the directories. Regular traffic comes as you continue to add articles and each article continues to work for you. Long-term traffic comes because each article is evergreen, working for you 24 hours a day all over the world, never asking for a raise or calling in sick.

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