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target with push pin_smContent Marketing is one of the fastest ways to become successful on the internet in any niche. That’s because content marketing provides the five things you need to be successful on the internet, content creation, traffic generation, list building, marketing messages and product creation, faster, easier and with less overall human effort.

The Fast Part

You can get found, get traffic, and get known fast with content marketing. Simply create a list of 7 tips you would give an ideal client around one particular topic in your niche.

Then add about 35 – 50 words for each tip. You know have a good 7 tips article. Now take each one of those tips and create an article out of each tip. Now you have 8 articles. Submit them to the Article Directories and your web presence begins to spread.

The Profitable Part

There are two ways to get profitable with content marketing: indirect profits and direct profits.

Indirect profits

Indirect profits come in several ways:

  • you get back links coming into your website from all the sites where your articles are used
  • you create content where people can find you
  • with each article your web presence grow and you own another piece of “internet real estate”
  • and best of all, you get waves of free traffic from the links in your articles.

Direct profits

Remember that list of 7 tips we started with a few minutes ago? Well, you can take that seven tips article and the articles written on each tips and quickly and easily turn them into ebooks, ecourses, teleseminars, telecourses, and a variety of other information products that you can sell for a profit.

And once you create the information products they sell for you over and over again.

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