Practical Content Marketing Tips – Can You Write Must Read Articles in Just 3 Steps? (Answer is Yes)

Article marketing is a volume game. The greater your article volume the greater all your other numbers will be.

The good news is you can crank out a great quality article in just 3 fast and easy steps. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Tantalizing Titles – The purpose of your title is just like a headline in a newspaper or magazine. Get the reader’s attention, pull them in, and get them feeling like they must read your article.

The title above could be “How to Write Articles.”  And the average potential reader’s response would be, “so what?”

Instead the title is “Practical Article Marketing Tips – Can You Write Must Read Articles in Just 3 Steps? (Answer is Yes).” Let’s unpack this title a bit.

I’ve got my keywords “article marketing” in the first four words of the title, plus I have added the word “practical.” Good start. Then I put the title in the form of a question to the reader – hard for the reader to not want to find the answer. Then I get another key word in their with the phrase “must read articles.”

This next part is powerful. “In Just 3 Steps” – numbers are great in titles because it helps the reader to believe they can do it. Then I tease a little bit by giving the answer to the questions, which implies the answer is inside the article.

2. A Body that Delivers – The thing you have to do in your article body is deliver on the promise of the article title. Would you want to read further, know any more from me or do business with me if I did not deliver on the promise of my title and show you the 3 steps to writing a great article?

Of course not. This is where the know, like and trust factor begins to build. Let the reader see how you approach a problem,  and then how you solve a problem by delivering on your title.

3. The What Now Next Step – So you have crafted a great title and delivered on it in the article body. So now what? Now you get to invite the reader to get more information from you.

When you get this next step you are beginning to get the power of Article Marketing. When you have done the first two steps correctly, the reader is wanting more information and they are wanting it from….you!

Your job now is simply to invite the reader to get more information from you. Let them know how they can get more great information from you on your web site or blog.

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