Practical Content Marketing Tips – Can You Really Write 100 Articles in 100 Days? (Yes You Can!)

I’ve said this many times about Article Marketing:

The greater the number of your great quality articles, the greater all your other numbers will be.

Numbers like your traffic, prospects, subscribers, members, listeners and profits.

100 Articles in 100 Days

“Alright Jeff, that makes sense. But 100 articles in 100 days? C’mon, that is not really possible is it?”

Not only possible, it is just not as hard as you might think. Here are some tips to pull it off:

1. Let’s start with your mindset – You are just one away from your next article, then just one away from the next article, and so on.

2. 300 words in 30 minutes – Got 30 minutes a day to build your traffic and your business? Once you get into the flow of this, you can quickly and easily crank out 300 quality words in 30 minutes or less.

3. Don’t re-invent the wheel – Use article writing templates and plug in your expertise. Whether you use mine, someone else’s or your own, use article templates to get ideas and structure your articles. In this way you can get many great ideas and you do not have to stare at a blank screen.

4. Write in article sets – As you are writing each article you will get ideas for other articles. Write those ideas down on a sheet of paper or on your Notepad in your computer. Do not fool yourself into thinking you will remember all the ideas later. Trust me on this one, Capture the idea. The weakest ink is still stronger than the best memory.

5. Don’t finish until you start – How’s that again? This is one of my simplest yet most powerful tips. I don’t consider myself done with an article after I have written and submitted it. The last thing I will do is start the next article. Create a working title and a few bullets about the next article. Two good things can come from this strategy. At the very least, you have an outline of the next article waiting for you. And if you are not careful, the ideas will start flowing and before you know it, you are finishing your next article.

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