Practical Content Marketing Tips – 3 Things to Avoid & 3 Things to Do When Creating Article Topics

Article Marketing is simply a volume game. The greater your number of articles on the internet working for you, the greater all your other numbers will be as well.

Numbers like traffic, subscribers, list members, and profits.

So the challenge is coming up with enough topics to write a high volume of articles. To that end, here are 3 things to avoid and 3 things to do.

3 Things to Do

1. Writer’s block – I’ve never had it, never will. Because I use templates for articles (just like this one, 3 things to avoid, 3 things to do) and am always adding to a multiple lists of article ideas, there is always something to write about. If one article is not flowing, I just go on to the next, and so forth.

2. Believing you cannot write – Hogwash. If you can write a seven item grocery or to do list, you can write a 7 tips article that will bring you more prospects, publicity, and profits.

3. Believing your niche is too full – Hogwash again. Here is the bottom line on this one:

There are more people out there, waiting to hear from you, who can hear it only from you, than you can ever get to in your lifetime.

3 Things to Do

1. Write regularly – When you get into the habit of writing regularly, the ideas will keep flowing  to the point it can be a challenge to narrow all the ideas down to one.

It’s my own personal belief and motto that “an article a day keeps recession away.” While one a day may not work for you just yet, you do need to write at some regular pace.

2. Keep a list of topics – You need to have a way to capture your article ideas. You need to keep it handy and you need to add to it each time you think of an article idea. Don’t depend on your memory, write it down.

3. Grocery store research – You know all those “last minute impulse buy magazines” that call out to you while you wait in line at the grocery store? Pay attention to the topics and titles. Thousands of dollars of market research has gone into those magazine covers and the topics/titles. Notice and use.

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