Practical Content Marketing – The 3 Biggest Profit Sucking Call to Action Mistakes (Yes You)

Content marketing is the number one strategy for building your business online. Prospects will consume your content and then want more from you.

And you do want more prospect and profits, right?
Here are 3 of the biggest call to action mistakes and what to do instead.
Mistake #1 – Failure to have one – Gotta start here, right? I’ve seen so many people create great content and then fail to give the prospect any way to get more information at all. What to do instead – My students and coaching clients know the firm rule I have:
Always give your prospect another way to engage you, invest with you, or both It’s just plain foolish not to, and not at all hard to do.
 Mistake #2 – Failure to focus on your prospect – When marketers do remember to include a call to action, I see so many of them make it all about them. Here’s my great background, here’s my great product, here’s my great whatever…
What to do instead – This in NOT about you. Focus on your prospect. What do they want and need? What problems are they trying to solve? Remember, your prospects are listening to radio station WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?
Mistake #3 – Failure to ask for the click – Another common and costly mistake responsible for leaving a great many prospects and profits on the table. Never assume that your prospect knows what to do to respond to your call to action. Take them by the hand and show them exactly what you want
What to do instead – Pretend that you are talking with someone who is online for the very first time. Take them by the hand and show them exactly what you want them to do. They will experience you as a trusted guide. This is a really good thing, because prospects will spend money with trusted guides.
Bottom Line? You want to create content that always leads to a great call to action.
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