Practical Content Creation Tips – Top 4 Reasons You Don’t Create Enough Content & What to Do Instead

Content is the life blood of any online entrepreneur. The problem is that most people do not create anywhere near enough content.

Here are 4 things that stand in the way of creating enough content and what to do instead.

The real reason most people struggle with content

1. You don’t understand what content really is – Content is simply a small sample of your expertise offered somewhere on the internet. It could be an article, an answer to a frequently asked question,

2. You don’t believe you have any content – I talk to so many people who believe they have no content to offer. We can always find some when we know  where to look. Do you have any old articles you have written for journals, newsletters or magazines? Do you get asked the same questions over and over again? You have content.

3. You think it for “those other people” – And just who are those “other people?” The ones you look at who are successful and you wish you could be like them but think you never can be. Guess what? Those other people are just like you and you are just like those other people. The only significant difference is they found a way to create content over and over again, even when they were scared and not sure want to do.

Imperfect progress is always better than a perfect standstill.

4. You don’t have a system for creating content – Those that have the most content on the internet have turned it into a system. Everything they do turns into content in some form, whether it be text, audio or video. And they don’t just do it every now and then. It is a regular systemic habit.

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