Practical Blogging Tips – How to Create a Series of Blog Posts With Your Articles (Easy & Powerful)

helpful tips_sm_borderDo you know how to create a series of blog posts with your articles? You will when you read and take action on this article.

The number one question I get from brand new bloggers is “What do I put on my blog?” Well, there are lots of answers to that question. My favorite answer though is to use your articles on your blog.

Here are three ways to do it:

1) You can take your entire article and repurpose it as a blog post. While it might be a little long for the typical blog post at 300 – 500 words, your article is still great information to deliver to your blog readers.

Of the 3 ways we are taking a closer look at today, this is my least favorite though. Now why would that be? Because you can do so much more with your article on your blog.

2) Another way to post your articles on your blog is to begin the article in a post and then add a “read more” tag that takes the reader to a page in your blog where they can read the entire article. And here is a little extra tip for you – don’t just stick the “read more” tag in there anywhere. Build a little “article intrigue” by placing the “read more” tag at a very important part of the article so the reader is compelled to keep going.

3) By far my favorite way to use articles on your blog is to leverage one article into multiple blog posts. If you have a 7 tips article that is then easily at least a 7 post series. If your article is not naturally divided by numbers, then divide it by sub-headings to turn it into a multi-post article on you blog.

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