Practical Blogging Tips – 3 Reasons to Turn Your Blog Into Your Profitable Social Marketing Hub

blog 2With all the focus on the popular Social Media platforms, it’s easy to forget that you blog is your Social Marketing hub. Similar to Article Marketing, blogging was Social Marketing before Social Marketing was cool.

I teach my clients and members to make their blog the hub of their Social Marketing world. Here are 3 reasons and benefits to do so.

3 Reasons to Make Your Blog Your Hub

Reason 1 – Communication/Relationship – I love my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms. I make lots of connections and build relationships on them everyday.

At the same time, my blog is still the primary place where I build relationships and communicate with my tribe. I recommend you do the same. The primary reason is that you just have more room to communicate and build relationships on your blog. You can invite your tribe back over and over, communicate at more length and interact through the comments on your blog.

When you do it right, your blog can become a destination site for your tribe.

Reason 2 – To Your Blog – I use all of my Social Marketing platforms, Twitter, Facebook, EzineArticles, YouTube, etc. to drive traffic to my blog. I recommend you do the same. For example, begin the conversation on Twitter and continue it on your blog. Announce new blog posts, videos, articles, etc. on one of your Social Marketing platforms,and invite your prospects back to blog with a link.

Think of these as Social Marketing Sign Posts directing traffic directly to your blog. In this way you are getting a consistent flow of new traffic to your blog and encouraging repeat visitors.

By the way, you can also use your email to invite people to your blog. You may have heard that email is no longer working. And if all you are doing is hammering your list with a new offer everyday, then perhaps it is true. But if you are letting your list community know about a great new resource of information on your blog…

Reason 3 – From Your Blog – Once prospects are on your blog, you can send them anywhere you would like them to go. Let’s say you have a new product or service. You can tell your tribe about it on your blog, and then invite them to visit the sales page.

In the same way, if you are have a friend or colleague with a great product or service, you can tell your tribe about it on your blog, and then invite them to visit your friend or colleagues page.


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