Practical Blogging Tips – 3 Quick Strategies to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Now

blogSo you have a blog. Good for you!

Now, do you know how to get traffic to your blog right away? That’s the next big challenge, right? Well here are three tips you can use right away to bring on more traffic right now, and consistently over time too.

3 Blog Traffic Strategies

Blog Traffic Strategy #1 – Invite prospects – I know that sounds so simple. And since it is so simple, I wonder why more people to not do it?

I think too many folks believe the movie quote “If you build it they will come.”

Great line in “Field of Dreams.” Horrible traffic strategy.

Here’s a partial list of how to invite people to visit your blog:

Your email list – Each time your create a new post, send an email to your list announcing the new post with a link back to your blog. The members of your list community will love it because you are inviting them to get good info and hammering them with just another “buy now offer.”

Social Marketing – Use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others to invite people back to your blog. Use an interesting quote from your blog post and include a link to be able to read the rest. Think of your Social Marketing platforms as “Social Marketing SignPosts” directing prospects to your blog.

Your email signature – In your email account, set it up so part of the automatic signature is an invitation back to your blog.

Blog Traffic Strategy #2 – Social Marketing Sidebar – You can include samples of your Social Marketing sites on the sidebar of your blog. This gets traffic going back and forth between your blog and your Social Marketing sites. This strategy also serves to make your blog a destination site in your niche as readers can come to your blog and then get to your other sites as well.

Blog Traffic Strategy #3 – Regular Features – One of the best ways I know to get quick and consistent traffic to your blog is to have a regular weekly feature. You can have an article of the week, a video of the week, etc. There is something about a regular feature that is attractive to a new prospect. I think it communicates stability and that you are going to be around for a long time.

And it is great for regular traffic as your readers begin to anticipate your regular feature on your blog.

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