Practical Article Marketing – When Article Titles Go Horribly Wrong

typewriter 2Your Article Title has a very important job to fulfill. It serves to grab the attention of your busy prospect and virtually compel them to stop what they are doing and read your content.

In this way your Article Title is much like a newspaper headline whose purpose is to get the attention of the reader and cause them to want to read the article.

How to Mess It Up

Unfortunately there are many ways in which most article writers create less than attention grabbing titles. Here are a few of the ways to mess it up:

  • Titles that make you go ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ – Your goal is to grab the attention of your prospect, not get them to take a nap.
  • Why read this? – Most titles do not pass the “what’s in it for me” test by leaving out any clear benefits if the reader takes the time to read the article
  • Where, oh where are the keywords? – Not only do some folks not include keywords in the beginning of the title, some include on keywords at all. Huh?
  • Too good to be true – Titles that are too hype-y chase the reader away because high quality prospect know you cannot deliver on the promise of your title.

How to Get It Right

  • Create a title that you would want to read – If it does not grab you, tweak it until it does. I’m not happy with a title until it makes me think “Man, I want to read that!” Show your title to someone else too. If it does not grab them, tweak your article title until it does grab them. There is work involved here, which is why I think most people craft such weak titles. It’s work that is so worth it, because if you lose your prospect here, you have lost them for good.
  • Include compelling benefits – Make the benefits very clear. Spell in out for your prospect in a compelling way. Use numbers for your benefits. “7 Tips to…” “”5 Warning Signs of” “”3 New Ways to” etc. You get the point. Craft your titles so your prospect gets the point of reading your article.
  • Front load your Article Title with keywords – Make sure you have keywords in the first 4 words of your title so the search engines AND your prospect knows what the article is about. Make it very clear.
  • Deliver on your title – Make sure your title promises something which you can deliver, and then over-deliver.

Bonus Tip

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