Practical Content Marketing Tips – You Can’t Make Money With Article Marketing – Truth Or Myth?

One of my favorite TV show to watch with my sons is “Myth Busters.” I mean, what better job could there be? You get to bust myths, blow stuff up on TV, and get paid for it! Sign me up. One of the myths I hear all the time is you cannot make money with Article Marketing. While we won’t blow anything up in the process, I think I can bust that myth for you in this article.

You can’t make money with your articles

I love hearing this one, because I have a three part response to this claim:

1. These folks are mistaken.

2. These folks are your competition and my competition.

3. This is a really good thing. Let’s hope they keep believing this too.

But let’s you and I bust the myth once and for all.

Indirect Profits

Article Marketing brings you indirect profits in at least 3 ways:

1. Backlinks into your web site or blog from all the web sites and blogs that feature your article, plus a backlink from EzineArticles which at the time of this writing is ranked 208 in Alexa.

2. Traffic to your web site or blog from the hundreds sometimes thousands of people reading your articles and clicking through to you.

3. Marketing messages created from repurposing your articles. You can create blog posts, email, teleseminars, video articles and so much more by repurposing your articles into multiple marketing messages.

Direct profits

When you are writing articles you are creating content. What I do and what I teach my students and members to do is to take that content and repurpose it into multiple information products for multiple streams of income. You can simply and powerfully repurpose your article content into ebooks, ecourses, telecourses, Audio CDs, video training and so much more. For example, take a 7 tips article and turn it into a 7 module training course, one module for each tip.

Myth: You can’t make money with your articles.

Outcome: Myth busted!

(No articles were harmed during the busting this myth.)

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