Practical Article Marketing Tips – Top 7 Strategies for Creating More Articles in Less Time

strategy definitionStrategy #1 – Start – the only way to become prolific is to begin. You don’t even have to think about being prolific at this point. Just begin. Creating content is not hard, getting started can be hard. Get started.

Strategy #2 – Create often – The best way I know of to be prolific is to write and create articles often. Now, before you say “Thank you Capt. Obvious” hear me out. Creating content regularly and often gets you in the flow. When you are in the flow you will create more.

Strategy #3 – Discover and use your best time – Most people have their own “best time” to write. Although by now I can stop and create an article anytime at all, my favorite best time is still first thing in the morning. Try out different times and discover what is the best time for you, and then keep that appointment with yourself each day.

Strategy #4 – Keep a working list of ideas and titles – When you think of an idea or title for an article, capture it right away. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you will remember it. Write it down, record it, whatever you have to do to capture it. Then you will have an ongoing and growing list of ideas and titles which you can refer to when creating your articles.

Strategy #5 – Pay Attention – Notice what your clients or students talk about. Notice the questions they ask. Notice the titles of magazine articles in line while in the grocery store. Then capture those ideas as in Strategy #4.

Strategy #6 – Begin before you end – This one is one of the main reasons I am able to create as much content as I do. When you have finished and submitted a new article, do not consider yourself done. You are not done until you begin to create the next article. Create a working title and a few bullet points at least. Many times you will be motivated to finish the article. At least you will have another article started and ready to go when it’s time to create again.

Strategy #7 – Utilize Templates – The way to beat writer’s block forever and never stare at a blank screen again, simply utilize templates. In this way you have the outline of the article and just fill in the blanks with your information.

And then you can create more great articles in less time than you ever thought possible.

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