Practical Article Marketing Tips – The Top 3 Ways to Quickly Make Money With Your Articles

profit_smArticle Marketing is one of the quickest ways to make money on the internet. Here are three strategies to quickly make money with your articles.

3 Strategies for Profit

Strategy 1 – Articles about affiliate products – Find an affiliate product that you believe in and can support and write articles about that topic. In the resource box of your article invite your prospect to check out the product. Most article directories do not allow you to use affiliate links, so buy a unique domain name and forward to your affiliate link. This one does not require a website or a list, or even a merchant account. Clickbank or another affiliate site will usually handle all the transactions and send you  a check.

Strategy 2 – Articles into mini-courses – Take seven of your best articles about a topic and bundle them into one document. Add an introduction and a few invitations at the end. Make sure you includes links to your other products and services. At between 20 -30 pages you know have a nice mini-guide on a particular topic.

Strategy 3 – Articles into ebooks – Here is the fast track to your first or next ebook. Make a list of seven tips around one topic that you would give to your ideal client. Then add 35 – 50 words for each tip. You know have a nice 7 tips article.

Now take each tip and write an article about each tip. You will now have seven more articles.

Take each article and turn it into a chapter. Do a brain and heart dump – add all you know in your head and heart about each tip. Use examples, case studies and quotes.

Use your original seven tips article as an introduction, and you now have a seven chapter ebook.

And that is how you can quickly make money online with your articles.

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