Practical Article Marketing Tips – How to Make Every Article a Viral Traffic Generating Machine

Article marketing is the best way to generate tons of free traffic to your web sites and blogs.

The challenge is learning how to do it right. I see lots of people teaching how to write articles for the internet, and I get frustrated when I see them teaching ineffective stuff at best, and stuff that is just plain wrong at worst.

Because when you do this right, you can create articles that bring in traffic for years to come. Just one article I’ve had online since August of 2005 still brings in an average of 1500 new views a month and has been doing so for over 3 years now.

Now imagine an entire fleet of articles out there doing the same for you.

4 Viral Traffic Tips

I’m going to give you four of the tips I use everyday to turn my articles into viral traffic machines:

Viral Title Tip – Make sure you front load your article title with keywords. Wrong way: The Top 7 Ways to Raise Healthy Frogs. Right way: Healthy Frogs – The Top 7 Ways to Raise an Incredibly Healthy Frog.

Viral Description Tip – Think of your description as an “assistant title.” Make sure it includes the promise of your article. “Here are 7 easy to use secrets to raise the frog that thrives.”

Viral Body Tip – Increase the flow of your article. Don’t constipate your reader. Make sure your article is not just one big hunk of text. Divide your article into naturally occurring sections so the reader can flow through your article.

Viral Resource Box Tip – You can get all of the above right and then mess up your resource box and you have wasted your time. This is where you create your traffic. Make sure you have at least one active link in the resource box leading the reader back to a sign up page where they can get more great information from you in exchange for their email address.

Bottom Line? Follow these tips to create a Viral Traffic Machine with each of your articles.

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