Practical Article Marketing Tips – How to Increase the Flow of Your Article For More Traffic

How well your article allows the readers eye to flow through your article can determine how much traffic you get from each article. Read on to discover one simple and powerful tip to increase the flow and increase the traffic from each article.

The Power of Sub-Headings

Sub-headings break your article up into smaller chunks. This gives the reader and your prospect the psychological impression that this article is going to be quick and easy to read.

If you’ve got a tips list and you make every one of the tips a bold heading, those are naturally occurring sub-headings.

Let’s say you’ve written an article that doesn’t have a list or doesn’t have bullets. Put in sub-headings as you go from section to section. Put them in bold. Then you’ve got your article naturally broken up. It gives the impression that this is going to be easy to read. I can consume it in little chunks.

An Extra Tip

Here’s a repurposing tip. What you can do with each one of those categories or sub-headings is: Let’s say I’ve got an article and it’s got three sub-headings.

If that article does well on EzineArticles and gets lots of views and click-thrus, then what I’ll do with it next is simply take those sub-headings (let’s say in a three sub-heading article) and make three blog posts. It’s a three-part blog series that you can repurpose on your blog based on those sub-headings.

Where do sub-headings come from?

Look, you can create a sub-heading out of thin air. When you’re going into a different thought or a next thought, write out your sub-heading. Put it in bold and then deliver the rest of your article. It breaks your article into manageable chunks and makes it easy to read.

Bottom Line? Use sub-headings in your article.

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