Practical Article Marketing Tips – How to Create Profit-Pulling MiniGuides With Your Article Content

1. Pick a how-to 7 tips article

That’s your first step because that’s going to make it easier to call it a mini-guide. You want to show somebody how to do something quickly.

2. Write an article about each tip

This is simple if you don’t complicate it. When you write a 7 tips article and you include say 50 words for each tip, guess what you’ve done? You’ve contributed 50 words to the next article, the article about that tip.

3. Just put them all on the same document

If you’re working in a Word document on a PC instead of it being a separate document for each of those eight articles, you take the document that’s got the 7 tips article on there and then at the bottom you copy and paste the first tips article and you copy and paste the second tips article and so forth. Now you’ve got eight articles on the page.

That’s a mini-guide. Your original 7 tips article is the overview, which appeals to people that like to scan, and then you’ve got an article about each tip, which appeals to people that like to go a little bit deeper.

Depending on the topic and what else you add to this mini-guide, you can sell this from anywhere from $7, $17, $27, $47 as a mini-guide, just like it is. Adding a small audio to it, a teleseminar support to it, you can charge more for it. Add some more audios to it, a DVD to it, and you can charge more for it.

Where I want all of you all to end up is with the confidence and the mindset that, “Because I’m an article writer, I can quickly create products, quickly, easily and rapidly, much more so than anybody else out there,” because you’re already creating content all the time.

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