Practical Article Marketing Tips – How to Craft Your Article Title For Endless Streams of Traffic

If you can follow this simple formula for your article titles, you will pull in more traffic. Read on to discover the formula and how to implement it in your article writing.

First here’s your formula:

keywords, benefits, keywords

If you remember that phrase and make sure every title fits that, your titles will get picked up more and your articles will get picked up more.

Let’s have fun with our titles, folks. What I mean by that is play with them. Try different stuff. What you see here is Practical Article Marketing Tips – Top 7 Reasons to Repurpose Your Articles on Twitter, from one of my recent articles.

Let’s break this down by the keywords, benefits, keywords. You want to front load your title with keywords because when somebody types in your search terms on Google or somewhere else and the little search engine spiders come out looking for everything – you don’t even have to know what that means, just know that they do that — they’re having to gather so much information in such a small amount of time, if your keywords do not show up in the first four words of your title, it’s not going to show up as a search return.

Get your keywords naturally in the first four words. That could just say Article Marketing, but I sandwich it into some words that make it flow, Practical Article Marketing Tips. Boom! My first four words have my keywords in it.

Then Top 7 Reasons to Repurpose Your Articles, that’s the benefits that someone’s going to get from reading this article. You’re going to learn the Top 7 Reasons to Repurpose Your Articles. There’s like an embedded benefit in the word repurpose. It makes it sound like there are a lot of benefits in this article.

Now look at keywords at the end. Articles on Twitter. I’ve used articles again and I’ve used Twitter for the first time, both keywords. It’s a smooth sounding title. Practical Article Marketing Tips, Top 7 Reasons to Repurpose Your Articles on Twitter.

If you can find a way to naturally and smoothly end your title with a keyword, your articles will get picked up more.

This article really delivers on what the searchers are searching for.

Here’s a way to brand yourself with your title. See in that first set of words that could say Article Marketing Tips or Article Marketing Secrets. Most of my recent articles start with Practical Article Marketing Tips.

Why am I doing that? I want to brand myself as “Practical Tips.” That’s why Practical Article Marketing Tips.

Use whatever your niche is. It could be Practical Car Repair Tips, Practical Picture Hanging Tips, Practical Keyword Tips or something like that ,so when people see even that title, they know it’s by you and they know it’s going to be a good article.

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