Practical Article Marketing Tips – How to Come Up With Endless Ideas for Your Article Content

man and idea_smMost article marketers ask the wrong question about their content creation. It goes something like this:

How can I come up with a new idea every time I want to write an article?

A better question would be:

How can I narrow down all the many ideas I have into just one to focus on for the next article?

Here are some ways to move from the first question to the second question:

  • Get the notion that you cannot create content out of your head, once and for all. Many potential online marketers, when faced with the “challenge” of creating content, revert back to sniveling 7th graders dreading the red pen remarks from their English teacher.
  • Stop that now! Your English teacher is not here. In fact, if you are as old as I am, he or she might even be dead.
  • (Note: Nothing at all against English teachers here, just trying to jar you out of a stuck place)
  • All you need to do here is write like you talk. Writing conversationally brings in more prospects anyway.
  • Come up with 3 ideas and create your first (or next) 3 articles. I’ll bet that while you are creating those 3 articles, other ideas will pop into your head. Write them down. Do not fool yourself into thinking you will remember them later. Write them down. Capture them. Each idea has within it the seeds for at least one more article, probably more.
  • Keep a master list of article content ideas. Whenever an idea occurs to you, add it to the list. When you get a question from a customer or colleague, add it to the list. When a scene in a movie or TV show gives you an idea, add it to the list. When you see a title in a magazine that catches your eye, add it to the list and adapt it to your niche.
  • Get prolific as soon as you can. For some, especially the perfectionists out there, this can be a real challenge. In the final analysis, I would rather be prolific than perfect, because prolific brings you more prospects and profits.
  • I know this is going to sound a little weird, but the best way to come up with lots of ideas for your content it to come up with lots of ideas for your content. What I mean is once you get in the flow of coming up with ideas, you will trigger your brain to come up with even more ideas, and you will have a constant flow.

Another great way to come up with endless article content ideas is to use article templates.

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