Practical Article Marketing Tips – How Do You Get Prospects to Read Your Articles?

Here is an Article Marketing question from a former student who is now returning:

Q: I had taken your course early on. My life went in another direction off line and I have not written any articles. I am back on and may be interested in refreshing with your new material. BUT FIRST….I would love an answer to this. There are thousands of articles on and other article sites. The chance of anyone reading yours/mine out of all the other articles submitted in one’s niche is slim. So then, what benefit is writing and submitting articles for traffic if they are not read or used by others. Thanks for your time.

A: I love this question for a lot of reasons:

1. It’s great for article content

2. So much has changed since this person has been around

3. It’s great for teaching.

So here are my top 5 ways to get your articles read by hungry prospects, even in a crowded niche:

1. Give up your limiting belief about there being too many people or too many articles in your niche – Here’s the bottom line, demonstrated by me and many of my students:

There are more people out there in your niche waiting to hear from you, who can hear the message only from you, than you can ever get to in your life time.

2. Go deep on with great quality articles – You can’t just throw up a few articles and expect the world to come beating at your door. Your first goal should be 10, then 25, then 50, then 100, then 250 and keep adding from there. When you do this you build a massive web presence and you will be found.3. Use the “auto-tweet” feature in your account – Each time a new article by you is published send an automatic notice to Twitter announcing your new article to all your Twitter followers. This in one of the ways I get 90 views in 90 minutes for many of my articles.

4. Buy the domain name “http://www.Articlesby(YourFirstName).com and forward it to your profits at – This simple strategy allows you to mention your domain name that sends people straight to all your articles and thus your links.

5. Use the description of your article as an email to your list members – Your articles are not just for people who have never heard of you. Your articles are also for bringing in return traffic. Send your list members an email that includes your article description and a link to your article.

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