Practical Article Marketing Tips – Do You Write & Market to Interests, Passions Or Problems?

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article marketing, twitter, linkedin, traffic, jeff herring, lewis howesDo you direct your articles to the interests that people have, the passions that people have or the problems that people have? This distinction can make all the difference in the response you get to your marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at the difference in marketing to interests vs. problems.

Marketing to interests

So many marketers only aim at interests. So many article writers only write to interests. This is a mistake that leaves a lot of money on the table.

If I am interested in fishing then I may notice your marketing and your articles. Or I may not. An interest is not a driving human force.

Finding the passion in the interest

When you can find and market to the passion in the interest you have found a gold mine. Folks that are passionate about fishing are not just a little bit passionate. They are crazy about fishing.

If I am passionate about fishing and you write and market to me, then I am going to devour everything you offer. I am going to spend money with you.

Write and market to passions and you will get more prospects and profits.

Marketing to problems

When people surf the ‘Net with an interest in mind they have a low level of motivation. When people surf the ‘Net with a passion in mind they have a very high level of motivation.

Another highly motivated surfer is the one looking around in order to solve a problem. These are highly motivated folks who will spend money with you.

Do you want to make money on the internet? Determine what problems you are an expert at solving. Then write and market to those problems.

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