Practical Article Marketing Tips – Did You Know the Best Resource Box Tells a Great Big Fib?

I have found Article Marketing to be the absolute best free way to generate tons of traffic and visitors for your online business. To do this right, however, you have to know how to craft a prospect pulling Resource Box at the end of your articles. And unfortunately, in order to craft a prospect pulling Resource Box, you have to learn how to fib.

What Jeff?! Are you actually advocating lying in your articles?

Nope, not at all. I said you need to tell a fib.

How to tell a FIB

Just give me a minute to explain what I mean by FIB. I see so many article writers really blow it in the Resource Box, so I have put a lot of focus on this topic so my students and members can generate more traffic and prospects with their articles.

So here is what FIB really means:

FIB stands for Flow – Invite – Brand

Flow – You want your article to flow right into your Resource Box. So don’t slow the reader done with a long conclusion to your article or a copyright notice. You want the reader’s eye to flow right from the article into the Resource Box without slowing down or stopping.

Invite – In the marketing world this is called a Call to Action or CTA. I like to think of it as an invitation and to use invitational language as well. The next step is simply to invite the reader to get more great quality information from you in exchange for their email address. This is a “good trade.”

Brand – Only at the end of my Resource Box do I ever mention my name, and then only so the new prospect will associate my name and brand with the good stuff they are about to get.

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