Practical Content Marketing Tips – A Secret Strategy to Begin Every One of Your Articles

You want to begin every one of your articles with the keyword-rich absolute truth sentence.

What in the heck is a ‘keyword-rich absolute truth sentence’? Let’s say I’m writing an article about list-building with article marketing. My ‘keyword-rich absolute truth sentence’ to open my article would be as follows:

“Article marketing is the best free way to build a list community.”

What have I done there? I’ve begun a sentence where the very first words in the article are keywords. It’s going to get picked up more, and it’s an absolute unarguable truth.

Key words = “Article Marketing”

Absolute truth = “…the best free way to build a list community.”

What does this powerful strategy do for you? One of the things this strategy does for you is it automatically presents you as a truth-teller. You’re telling somebody something that’s a fact and that helps them agree with you and bond with you.

And you have begun the important process of “know, like and trust” in the very first sentence of your article.

Begin your article with a keyword-rich absolute truth. If there are not keywords in your first sentence of your article, you’re leaving traffic and prospects – and thus eventually profits – on the table.

This is so easy to do and yet I see so many people not do this. I want to see my readers, prospects, students, my listeners, my members do this. But only if you want to see your articles get picked up more, spread across the internet, and turn into viral article traffic machines.

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