Practical Article Marketing Tips – 7 Ways to Strengthen Your Article Title to Attract More Prospects

magnetDoes your article title attract new prospects to your article? Here are 7 strategies for creating a more compelling article title to jump start your Article Marketing.

1) Front load your keywords – The title of this article could have easily been “7 Ways to Strengthen Your Article Title to Attract More Prospects” and it would not have been a bad title.

Except on the Internet, that is.

If you do not include keywords in the first 4 words of your title the search engines will not find your article when prospects are searching for your topic. Don’t waste the first four words…

2) Have fun with it – Look, this is not English class. Writing for the web is different than any other kind of writing. You are allowed to have fun. You can create a play on words, go against common thinking, anything that is fun and attracts the eye and attention of the prospect. Remember, your English teacher is not here…

3) Benefits – “Why should I stop what I am doing and spend a few minutes of my valuable time reading your article”

You need to realize that is what your average prospects is asking. When you include benefits in your title ( “7 Ways to Strengthen Your Article Title to Attract More Prospects”) you are providing a strong and compelling answer to the question.

4) Speaking of questions – Craft your title so that it asks a question. “Do you know how to…?” is as good one to use. When a prospect reads a title that asks a question, they are psychologically compelled to discover the answer by reading your article.

5) Keywords again – Use your keywords again in your article in a way that reads naturally. If you can end your title in a keyword that is even better, as it’s the last word the search engines see.

6) Parenthetically speaking – If you have room at the end of your title to put in a “last word” in parentheses it will attract more readers. At the end of many of my “how to” article titles I’ll add (You Can Do This).

7) Size does matter – There are lots of book titles of just one or two words that do well. “Blink” and “Crush It” come to mind. This is catchy and helps to sell books…offline.

With online articles, the longer the title the better. Why? Well, for one, it gives you a chance to give the reader more information about the article. Two, the longer the title the more chance you have of including additional key words which makes it more likely for the search engines to find your article.

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