Practical Article Marketing Tips – 7 Ways to Improve Your Resource Box For More Traffic & Profit

coinsArticle Marketing is a great way to pull in the traffic and profits, when you have a strategically crafted Resource Box. Most people mess this up, and that is why I am offering 7 tips in this article on how to get more traffic and profit from your Article Resource Box.

Before I get started, for the beginners out there, the Resource Box is the section at the end of every article where you are encouraged to invite your reader to learn more from you by clicking on links back to your websites and blogs.

Just to make sure you understand the power of this, just one of these carefully crafted is responsible for almost half of the members in my list community.

7 Tips for a More Powerful Resource Box

1) It’s not about you – The biggest mistake I see people make is believing the Resource Box is all about them.


It’s all about your reader and prospect, and what is in it for them. This is the mindset that you must adopt and keep when you craft this part of your article

2) Anti-hype – Avoid any hype. This is the quickest way to turn away high quality prospects. Giving the impression that you think they have to get this now or they will never be successful is a great way to get rejected.

3) Invitational language – While this is a call to action, you want to use “invitational language” For example, “And now I’d like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to…” beats the heck out of “watch this video before we decide to take it down.” Yeah, right.

4) The trade – Invite your reader/prospect to an opt-in page where they can trade their email address for more good information from you. Make it a compelling offer full of clear benefits to your prospect. This is a good trade for both of you.

5) Flow – The Resource Box is the next paragraph in your article. So it should flow right out of your article. Don’t do anything to stop the flow. The easiest way to make it flow is to begin with the word “and.”

6) Invite – Using the invitational language mentioned above, invite your reader to take the action you want them to take. Make sure it is the next logical step for them to get more great information from you.

7) Brand – Remember when I said this is not about you? The only time you should mention your name or brand is at the very end, and then only so the prospect can pair the great stuff they are about to get from you with your name and brand.

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