Practical Article Marketing Tips – 4 Great Sources of Traffic From

Article Marketing allows you to create 4 different types of traffic when you submit your articles to Article Directories like

1. Immediate Traffic

Every time you submit a new article to EzineArticles, you get the benefit of immediate traffic. It’s a fresh article and people are jumping all over it.

What you have at your fingertips with putting out an article is a powerful traffic generation tool. That’s where you get your immediate boost, with new articles, especially once you’ve developed a following. If people want to hear more from you, they’re going to be looking for your articles.

2. Regular, consistent traffic

Think of it this way. Each article – even if you’ve got an article that maybe only gets five new viewers per day, and then you stack another article on top of it that gets five new viewers a day, and then another article and then another article and then another article – and let’s say you’ve got 50 of those articles out there getting five new visitors a day.

That’s 250 new visitors a day, so it stacks upon stacks upon stacks upon. It’s a beautiful thing, folks.

3. Long term traffic

Once you put an article out there, it becomes evergreen. It’s there on the article directories like Ezine Articles to be used by people over and over again.

I have one article that was published in August of 2005 that still gets an average of 1500 unique views a month.

So you can use your articles as evergreen article agents to send people to teleseminars, and long-term evergreen article agents that are out there working for you. They don’t go away, so it just stacks and stacks and stacks.

4. OPT – Other People’s Traffic

The original intention behind having article directories was so people with blogs, websites, or newsletters could come and get that article and go use it on their website, blog, or newsletter, and that still happens. EzineArticles has gotten so big that people use it simply for research.

However, they still use it to go get content for their websites, blogs or newsletters. Most folks don’t have the ease of creating content like article marketers do, so they’re looking for content.

That’s benefiting from other people’s traffic.

Bottom Line? Get your articles out there to take advantage of these 4 types of traffic. And to help you get going, I invite you to check out the Brand New Article Marketing TeleSeminar Club at

From Jeff Herring – The Article Marketing Guy &  The Great Article Marketing Network

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