Practical Article Marketing Tips – 3 Title Tips to Skyrocket the Traffic From Your Articles

Do you know how to craft an article title that pulls in tons more traffic for each article? You will when you discover and implement these 3 tips.

Tip 1 – Include clear benefits in your title

What are they going to get out of reading your article? There’s a difference between benefits and features. People get confused about this. A feature is what something is. A benefit is what something does.

The feature in this title is “3 Title Tips.” The benefit is “Skyrocket Your Traffic from Articles.”

Tip 2 – Ask a question in your title

Why ask a question? Because our brains are wired, it’s the way we are built. If you ask your brain a question, it must find the answer. If you’re asking yourself, “Why do bad things always happen to me?” do you know what your brain does? Your brain goes looking for an answer to that question. Because you’re this, because you’re that, and none of that’s good.

If you’re having a string of bad stuff going on, the better question is, “How can I respond to these natural challenges of life in a way that makes things better? How can I make this work for me?”

For our article titles, if you ask a question, the brain’s got to go find an answer for it, which makes the person much more likely to read that article. They want to go find the answer.

Tip 3 – Use numbers in your article title

3, 5, 7, 10, 21, 77 – Numbers attract and convey the notion that the article will be quickly readable and I’m going to get something out of it.

 And that’s that. I could make it harder, but why?
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