Pinterest Profits Webinar – Direct Traffic Wherever You Want It to Go

Traffic, subscribers, sales

That’s exactly what I’m telling you!

If I had to start over and build my business using only ONE of the many social media platforms, it would be…


No doubt!

A few months back I took some training and a course about Pinterest from John Kremer and Daniel Hall.

Here’s some of the results from “only” playing with it:

That’s 43,000 monthly viewers from just “playing with it” – I’m excited to see the results as I begin to get serious about it, like John Kremer has – check this out:

910,000 monthly viewers – where I went to school that’s pretty darn close to a million – a month

So the question becomes:

Would you like results somewhere between 43k and 910k viewers per month? Perhaps even better results?

I’m guessing your answer is yes!

And that’s why I’m bringing John and Daniel back TODAYThursday, May 24th at 4 pm, with Encores on Friday at 12 noon and Saturday at 11 am (all times Eastern – we speak Eastern here) 

All you gotta do to register for any of these shows is click here

3 other cool things about Pinterest:

Cool Thing 1) It’s easy to do once you know what you’re doing – really the easiest thing I’ve done in 11 years of driving high quality free traffic wherever I want…

Cool Thing 2) You can direct traffic wherever you want it to go – your blog, opt-in pages, webinar signup pages, YouTube videos, Facebook Groups – wherever you want it to go

Cool Thing 3) It’s fun, and you can make a lot of connections while doing it

I like all 3 of these Cool Things, and #2 is my favorite 🙂

Click here to discover:

1) Why one book-o-graphic was re-pinned over 1.4 Million times and drove over 122,547 website visitors!

2) How you can effectively use Pinterest even if you’re not a graphic artist and couldn’t design your way out of a wet paper bag – This is a HUGE game-changer…

3) The graphic “hack” that practically forces people to notice your pin…

4) The characteristics of the most shared info-graphics on Pinterest and how YOU can exploit them… and its not what you’re thinking 😉

5) What a “book-o-graphic” is and why you should be using them daily to build your list and sales!

YOU can use these strategies to get the most high quality traffic you’ve every enjoyed – Join us!

So here’s that link again, ‘cuz you deserve this many views and to get your piece of these really Cool Things 🙂

See you on the show!
~ Jeff

Pinterest PS – And you can also add video to Pinterest with just a few clicks…

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