Perfect Oatmeal

Part of being married to a beautiful Colombian woman is knowing the location of the nearest Starbucks…

What we name things is important.

Starbucks now serves oatmeal and has been for awhile. Oatmeal, though really good for you, is also really boring.

Starbucks could have called in Oatmeal on their menu.

Instead they call it “Perfect Oatmeal.”

It’s still oatmeal. The name “Perfect Oatmeal” changes the way you think about it.

This is a good lesson  for how we name our businesses, products and services. In 2009 Maritza and I launched our Social Marketing Blueprint and it sold very well. I think it would have sold even better if we had chosen better names for each module. We had exciting names like “Module 1 – Facebook” – “Module 2 – Twitter.”

You get the point…

This is why my Content Creation Templates are called “Irresistible Content Magnets

What we name things makes a difference. What are you naming your resources and services?

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