One Son, 1700 Teens, and a Flash Mob Record

The BackStory – So every year our son Jon goes on The Walk, the high school summer trip from North Point Community Church. This year Maritza and I had Jon work to pay his own tuition. Good experience for him.

Since they had over 1700 teens in one place, they decided to set a Flash Mob record for dancing. This video was done on  Tuesday June 28th and launched that night. At the time of this writing, Saturday afternoon July 2 it has received 43,178 views on YouTube, been covered by many news stations, and was the video of the week on the #1 news station in Atlanta. (continued below video)

They practiced this twice a night for the 3 nights before taping (imagine getting 1700+ people to do this) and then gathered together, and without warning, the speakers started blasting.

There were other people in the pool who had no idea what was going on. Notice the unamused woman in the gray bathing suit sitting on the pool steps at the 0:07 mark…;)

And when the music stopped, all 1700+ got back in the pool or otherwise went about their business as if nothing had happened…

We are proud of these kids and invite you to watch ‘cuz it sure does make you feel good. Dancing along is allowed, and your thoughts and comments are appreciated and encouraged…

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