One Is The Lonliest Number (and the most dangerous)


“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do” – so sang Three Dog Night a couple of years ago…

Actually, 41 years ago, according to their website. I also discovered while looking this up that they are actually still touring. May have to catch that one…

While one may be the loneliest number, according to Dan Kennedy, one is also the most dangerous number in business.

It’s easy to get comfortable with one source of something, whether it be traffic, list building, webinar platform, vendor, etc. And it’s just as dangerous as it is easy…

Why so dangerous?

What if that one source goes out of business, changes their business, stops doing business with you, or changes the rules? The possibilities are endless…

The safer position, the position of strength, is to have one or two backups and/or additional sources for everything you do.

This is one of those lessons it’s good to learn on the front end, from other people’s experience, instead from your own experience on the back end…

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  • Yep, you definitely don’t want to depend on one source of traffic or one source of anything… that’s giving away all your power in your business!

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