On Dessert at P.F. Chang’s and Repurposing

jeff herring, pf changs, repurposing, article marketingI took my sons to P.F. Chang’s on Sunday after church. Tough gig I know.

We had a great meal. Caleb (7) even fell in love with the sauce and ate his entire meal (rare event). Erika was a great waitress.

And then she brought the dessert tray to the left, with the ample array of choices.

Notice in the middle of the large offerings you’ll see smaller desserts in what look like large shot glasses.

They are basically smaller versions of large desserts – what a great repurposing idea! They took a larger version of something that may be too much for some folks to consume at the moment, and created a smaller version which is basically a large sample.


So the question becomes “How can you as an information marketer do the same kind of repurposing with your larger resources that may be too large for some right now, but gives them a taste of what you have to offer?”

P.S. – Yeah, I’m hungry now too…

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  • Jeff:

    You are so right about that repurposing idea! I was recently at P.F. Chang's and was impressed by the repackaging of those desserts. It does make dessert more accessible to those individuals that don't want to "pig out" at the end of their meal. Also, it illustrates "literally and figuratively" what is know in sales lingo as "reduction to the ridiculous", i.e., manageable amounts of information that will help make a sale. In psychotherapist speak – "baby steps". Make it easy to digest – kinda like the 10 Buck Template Club.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I love the analogy of the small shot size bites of information. I already deliver a four part, bite size e-course but your post has made me think of maybe doing something on my blog…something like a small tip of the week or something like that – a short bite sized article. mmmmmmh.

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