[next week’s “results now” webinar] Profitable Content Creation – Your “New Year” Template

I just got back home from my Friday morning men’s group breakfast, and I gotta tell ya, there are an apalling lack of degrees outside – while I know I’ll get no sympathy from those of you up north, 10 degrees is just cold…
It’s been 20 days…
It’s been 20 days since we’ve been on a webianr together and I’m really looking forward to getting together with you next week:
Tuesday January 7th, 2014 <= first webinar of the New Year!
7 pm EST
6 pm CST
5 pm MST
4 pm PST
12 midnight UK (and there will be a replay so sign up here!)
“Profitable Content Creation – How YOU Can Master This Brand New ‘New Year’ Content Creation Template [perfect for this time of year]”
Join us here for this Free Results Now Webinar and discover:
  • The “Content Creation” Mindset… get your mindset here
  • The 3 Biggest Myths about Content Creation… and what to do instead
  • The Power of Templates… unleash your creativity
  • Results Now Mini-Workshop – The Brand New “New Year” Template… create your content here
  • Your Next Success Steps… how to turn this immediately useful info into transformation in your business
  • And like all my events: So. Much. More!
Come ready to discover how to serve your community with content created with the “New Year” Template => you’ll create your own content right on this webinar…
So let’s get together Tuesday night… and I’ll see you there!
Go Use This Stuff!
~ Jeff
PS – I hope you enjoy the new sign up process, and by the way, when you sign up here, you get access to a Free Course on creating Passive Income 🙂
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