NEW ARTICLE: Want More Traffic? Write More Articles

So you want more highly qualified traffic? Then write more articles.

It really is as simple as that, and I could stop the article right here. But then this blog post would be to small and I really do want to help you Go Use This Stuff!

So I am gonna create a real live formula for you, complete with letters and plus and equal signs and everything. But I promise to keep it as simple as “Want more traffic? Write more articles.” I could make it more complicated for you but why?

Article Traffic Formula

Here’s a formula for getting highly qualified traffic with your articles:


The above formula stands for Specific Topic Articles + Regular Consistent Action + Massive Distribution = Highly Qualified Traffic.

Let’s unpack this formula so you can use it:

Specific Topic Articles – The more specific the topic of your articles the more qualified your traffic will be. It would seem like the opposite, (the broader the topic the more traffic) would be true, doesn’t it?

And it might be true if all you wanted was any kind of traffic. But if you want very qualified traffic you need to make the topic of your articles very specific. In this way you attract and bring in prospects that are responding to that specific topic and are thus more highly qualified.

Regular Consistent Action – I hear it all the time. “I tried article marketing and it just doesn’t work!”

Then I ask is “How many articles do you have out there on the Net?”

Answer: “I worked really hard and had 10 published!”

Well there you go. You have to take regular consistent action and create as many articles as you possibly can. The more articles you have the more traffic you will have.

Massive Distribution – When you get your articles on the article directories you are able to massively distribute your articles all over the world. When someone comes to an article directory and then uses your articles on their web site or blog, you are reaching Other People’s Traffic (OPT) all over the world.

Highly Qualified Traffic – When you do the three things above on a consistent basis, you will get highly qualified traffic. It’s inevitable. When you are regularly distribute specific topic articles you will bring in the most highly qualified traffic on a regular basis.

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