My TeleSeminar Secrets Story – with Jeff Herring & Alex Mandossian

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My TeleSeminar Secrets Story

How the TeleSeminar Secrets Training Changed My Business & My Life & How It Can Change Yours Too!

You are invited to listen to this 90 minute teleseminar and discover what I created with the TeleSeminar Secrets Training and then a Q & A Session with Alex Mandossian.

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Jeff Herring

Discover 5 simple steps for 6 figure success online with content marketing.

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  • Hey Jeff,

    Your autoresponder sent me a note yesterday reminding me that it was my first anniversary since i first signed up with you. I knew the date was close, but it was nice to have the day/date acknowledged. And what a year it has been.

    I found out about you and about Alex about the same time. Took teleseminar Secrets. Convinced a good friend in California that we should be taking better advantage of the Internet and wow. We've exploded our opportunities. We're not in your class yet, but we're getting more and more varied opportunities every day.

    In this year we've started our blogs, begun building a list, started writing articles (although I need to do more of that), completed a couple small JVs (with a 12.5 percent response rate), started a publishing venture, taught an online class using video lessons and teleseminars over, are in the process of producing two DVD products, doing audio and video blogging, and publishing our first two books for clients. Like I said, it's been an amazing first year.

    Thank you for your vision. Now I'm looking forward to where we'll be when my next anniversary rolls around!

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