My Dad, Memorial Day, and Your Dreams

There is a great scene in an old “Happy Days”
episode where Richie (Ron Howard) is trying to
talk his Dad (Tom Bosley) into letting him go on
a road trip with his friends:

Richie: Dad, don’t you remember the first time
you went on a trip with just your friends?

Dad: Yes, I sure do…

Richie: Then you understand. Where did you  go?

Dad: World War II

That scene and every Memorial Day makes me
think of my Dad, who passed in ’97, when our
oldest son was only 3.

He was 18 when he left for WWII with a whole lot
of his friends. Served in the Navy aboard the USS
Concord. Won medals for saving dozens of men
who were trapped below deck when their ship
was hit by Japanese torpedoes. Only spoke about
it once…

He had lots of dreams that never got fulfilled. I think
that’s one reason why I pursue mine so hard…

At this time of year, and many times during the year,
I’ll say to my wife Maritza “I wish my Dad could have
known you and the boys. He would just adore you
and them…”

When I was a relationship coach in private practice,
my Dad never quite understood what I did…

He would have a really hard time understanding
what I do now (heck, even I do sometimes) but I
now he would be proud…both of what I do and my
dogged determination to pursue dreams…

What he would get, and be 100% behind and
proud of is the pursuit of dreams, yours and

So pause moment to reflect on the meaning of
this day, and then pick out one action you will
take today toward your dreams….

It would be a great way to honor my Dad and
all the others who went before us so we could…

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