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article guy questionI’m not sure this has anything to do with Article Marketing, but maybe it does…

I did it again just the other night.

We were flipping the TV around, relaxing…

And there it was, one of those movies I’m seen a hundred times. Yet we stopped and watched it.

I have a whole list of these:

Forrest Gump
Air Force One
Independence Day
The Fugitive
I Robot
Dances with Wolves
Field of Dreams
Remember the Titans
Any Rocky movie (except Rocky V, never should’ve been made)
And I’m sure more will be added, like The Blind Side, as they come to TV…

I mean, c’mon. We have all of these on DVD or Blue Ray.

Why do I/we do this?

Then I got thinking about the theme(s) that run through all these movies. Redemption stories. Ordinary people  thrust into extraordinary circumstance. They struggle to do the best they can. Sometimes they even save the  day…

And then I thought – “Isn’t that like all of us?”

So what is your “gotta watch it no matter what” movie, and why do you think we do this?

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  • Barbara

    Reply Reply

    I so get this! Every time I see “Overboard” on the menu, there I am. “Independance Day”, “Hope Floats” and “The Abyss” too. Great, feel-good movies which inspire me.

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Barbara – glad I’m not the only one!

    Thanks for your comment. Overboard is a funny movie…

    ~ Jeff

  • Rocky and the first 2 Godfathers! Even though it was a crime family, I love them anyway! As a 1stgeneration American I think it might have something to do with “la familia” and seizing opportunities…

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Maritza – Oh yeah, put those on the list too…

    ~ Jeff

  • My must watch movies are the Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music. For me it is more about remembering when I watched them with my grandfather then about the message in the movies.

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Bridget – Those are good movies, and even better memories…

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Jeff

  • Rose

    Reply Reply

    Yeah, you caught me…watched Sound of Music last week even though seen it tons of times and it’s way old!!!!!
    Same with ‘The American President’ and any of the Bourne Identity and James Bond movies…gotta love ’em.
    BTW, congratulations on your wedding!!!!!

  • Jeff Herring

    Reply Reply

    Rose – Yep, gotta add the Bourne series to my list!

    And thank you 🙂


  • Oh, no! I’m in big trouble now. Half the movies on your list I’ve never heard of. And of the ones I have heard of, several I’ve never seen. Here’s my list: almost anything with Humphrey Bogart (have watched Casablanca too many times to count), a lot of Clint Eastwood, Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz, South Pacific, Little Women, Scrooge (esp. the b & w version with Alstair Sim), Les Miserables, Harry Potter, Shrek (when we’re feeling blue and want to laugh) AND Lonesome Dove. Also like biographical movies even if they’re not terribly well done and don’t have great actors.

    BTW, did I mention Lonesome Dove? If one of us wants to watch Lonesome Dove AGAIN, the other one rarely says “Oh forget it. Let’s watch something else.” We like cowboy movies a lot at our house and/or movies with a Western theme and Western landscape. And Lonesome Dove is our all time favorite of favorites. So yes, have watched Dancing with Wolves. Eric likes Rocky. I could live without it.

    But if ya gotta have redemption, it’s Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption.

    • Jeff Herring

      Reply Reply


      You reminded me to add “Outlaw Josey Wales” – my favorite western – to my list…

      Now, MaryJo, let’s talk about this thing you have about Rocky…;)

      ~ Jeff

  • Oops, how could I forget Amadeus, esp. given that today is Mozart’s b’day. It usually gets watched a couple times a year. Watched as often is the very first movie I ever saw, So Dear To My Heart. If you’ve never heard of this early Disney movie, means you’re just a kid who doesn’t yet have Medicare as your health insurance.

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