More I’ve Noticed Along the Way So Far…

Leading a team is a lot like parenting: If you have to tell them you are in charge, you’re not.

I have 2 great sons. Parents of 3 or more children always say that adding a 3 changes things exponentially. While fortunately I don’t know that to be true myself, I can attest that adding a third dog sure does change things. Exponentially.

I find people who claim to be atheists intriguing. Think about it – in some ways doesn’t it take more faith to be an atheist than a believer?

John Mayer wisdom: “Did you know you can be wrong, and swear you’re right. Some people been known to do it all their lives.

My dad left the planet almost 14 years ago now. And still I sometimes read an article about FSU Seminole football and think about sending it to him. Don’t have that address…

Since I work from home, and my satellite lunch offices, I’m often asked how many hours a week do I work? I always chuckle, because I’m thinking “which part of this is work?” and “I really don’t want to know.”

Recently I was at a restaurant with my son Caleb, 12. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” by Creedence came on and I sang along, and then was joined by Caleb. “How do you know the words to this song son?” – “Someone covered it on American Idol and I looked it up on iTunes. I really like CCR.” Any one else remembering 45s at the record store?

You can tell much about a person by how they treat waiters and waitresses.

Recent conversation at a 3 day seminar:
New attendee: “So what do you do?
Me: I explain, and suggest they come to my 10 am workshop the next day.
New Attendee (NA): “I’d love to. What time is the workshop?”
Me: “The 10 am one?”
Attendee: “Yes.”
Me. “It’s at 10 am”

Sleeping outside in an ENO hammock with the sky as your ceiling gives you a great perspective on many things.




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