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mike filsaime, bridging heart and marketing, article marketing, jeff herringSo many people get on the internet and try to do too many things. They start out with one idea, work it a little, then get distracted by another idea or the next big thing and go off in another direction.

Then wonder why they are not successful.

Mike Filsaimes “Hedge Hog Approach” teaches you to focus on one thing you are good at and passionate about and laser focus on that market.

I can really vouch for the truth of this in my own business. For too long I tried to do too much on the net – a relationship site, a parenting site, a stress management site, a private practice building site, and an article marketing site.

Makes me tired just to type it.

My process of my success on the internet is in direct proportion to either closing out the other topics or turning them over to someone else and focusing only on Article Marketing.

So, what is your “Hedge Hog Topic?”

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