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STEP 2 - Get Access to Magnetic Meme Marketing Secrets

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“Get Started Here” MODULE – Templates, Resources, and Software - $197

MODULE 1 – The Psychology of Memes – Get the Mindset Here - $197

MODULE 2 – Create Compelling Meme Content – what to say before, on, and after your Meme to “bracket it” for the most powerful impact - $197

MODULE 3 -  Market Your Memes for Maximum Impact – where to market your Memes for greater reach, impact, and profit! - $197

“Putting It All Together” Module – “The System” that allows you to do all this in just minutes a day! - $197

BONUS Module – Look-Over My Shoulder Video Demos of “multiple uses of one Meme” – repurposing your Memes – “Meme Marketing for Blog Posts, Articles, Webinars, Videos, Courses, and much more!” - $197

BIG BONUS! 13 Meme Mini-Wizards that allow you to “whack the button” and have your Meme Content created for you! PRICELESS!!!

Click Here to Get Access to Magnetic Meme Marketing Secrets


  • The Psychology of Memes - Get the Magnetic Meme Mindset
  • How Your Customers are Already Conditioned to Respond to Memes - And Respond Quickly & Strongly
  • The "Whack It - Bracket - Stack It" Strategy - So you can own your niche
  • Maximum Meme Impact - So you can be seen everywhere in your niche
  • Magnetic Meme Demo - "Whack It 'Till You Like It!"
  • Your Magnetic Meme "Genius Tip" - simple, powerful, and profitable
  • And just like all my events: So. Much. More!

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Daniel Hall is a bestselling author, speaker, publisher, nurse, attorney and host of the RealFastResults.com podcast. He is also the creator of the highly popular Real Fast brand of training products. He left law practice 10 years ago to build his publishing business and has never looked back. Daniel is a true serial entrepreneur and his list of URLs is longer than a piece of paper, so you can check out Daniels hub at www.DanielHallPresents.com or check out his RealFastResults.com podcast on iTunes.

Jeff Herring is "The Content Marketing Guy". His students discover how to create and market their content for more prospects, publicity, and profits.

As a former counseling psychologist Jeff began to write a syndicated relationship column. Then he decided to "trade his counseling couch for a marketing mouse".  Jeff is the creator of Magnetic Meme Marketing Secrets. Jeff teaches his system to his students around the world so they can get their life changing message to people who can only hear it from them. Why does he do all this? …… So you can make a difference and a profit.

Click Here to Get Access to Magnetic Meme Marketing Secrets