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Listen, let's face it. There's a big problem with most webinars.

First, you've got to sign up. Then you've got to schedule it and show up. Then you gotta listen through great some one is and how you can be too if only... blah blah blah, hoping to learn something, ANYTHING you can use. Then you gotta find the time to learn it, and figure it out on your own...

It's exhausting!

By the end of this Results Now MasterClass!, you will have created your first Magnetic Marketing Meme and then PUBLISHED IT!

If you have any questions, I'm here to answer them, and coach and guide you to the result you want.

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"How to Create Magnetic Marketing Memes to Triple Your Results!"

  • Results Now #1: Helps You Create 3x Times More Engagement On Social Media
  • Results Now #2: Gets You More & More Sales
  • Results Now #3: Makes It Easy To Capture Your Customers Attention In A Crowded Field
  • Results Now #4: Gives You More Highly Qualified Subscribers
  • Results Now #5: Avoid The Most Common Meme Marketing Mistakes
  • Results Now #6: The Real SECRET For Creating Magnetic Marketing Memes
  • Results Now #7: How To Create Magnetic Marketing Memes That Triple Your Results On Social Media
  • Results Now #8: Effortlessly Capture The Attention Of Your Customer With Everything You Do Online
  • Results Now #9: Quickly Create Magnetic Marketing Memes
  • Results Now #10: Escape From The Worry And Stress Of Not Getting More Sales And Subscribers
  • Results Now #11: Discover The Best Way To Create Engagement That Leads To More Sales And Subscribers
  • Results Now #12: STOP Worrying About How You Can Get Enough Sales And Subscribers To Make A Difference And Stay In Business
  • Results Now #13: Create & Publish Your First (or next) Magnetic Marketing Meme DURING the MasterClass!!

On the MasterClass!:

When I ask MasterClass! attendees about the greatest benefit they get from these sessions where we train and implement at a deeper level and why they keep coming back, the consensus is this:

"In every session Jeff, you have us create something right in the session that we can use as soon as the training ends!"

On the MasterClass! you'll create and PUBLISH your first (or next) Magnetic Marketing Meme that will triple your results. But that's not all. I'll then show you how you can 10x your results with a special "mini-wizard."

You'll have a marketing asset you can use right away!

Get Your BackStage Pass - ONLY $37

The LIVE Training is this Sunday Night, August 19th, at 8 pm Eastern!

No worries though if you cannot attend LIVE, as the replay will be available the next morning, and all the BONUSES created from the LIVE training within 48 hours...


  • The MasterClass Backstage Pass

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    And of course you’ll have lifetime access to the video training recordings!

  • The MasterClass Unedited Transcript

    You’re getting the unedited transcript – so you can read and underline and whatever else it is you like to do to text 😉

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    Fill in the blanks on Magnetic Marketing Memes Template to create as many sales and subscribers as you want!

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    Some of us learn and implement better with text – if that’s you, then the MasterClass! Ebook is for you!

  • The MasterClass Universal Laws List

    The Universal Laws for creating your Magnetic Marketing Memes

Get Your BackStage Pass - ONLY $37

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If The Profitable Answer MasterClass doesn’t show me exactly how to profitably answer the “What do you do?” question… if it doesn’t take me by the hand, step-by-step to quickly and easily get more customers… or if it fails to help me get more subscribers, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

Get Your BackStage Pass - ONLY $37