Media Worth Being Social About (Engagement Tips)

Here you go! How to use graphic resources and apps for increased Social Media Engagement!

It’s all started with a skeleton.

A few years back a bought a life size skeleton for Halloween, deep discount at Kroger’s. My sons and I had great fun finding ways to scare each other with it.

One day I decided to bring the skeleton with me on of my Facebook Live Casts. We named him “Chubby the Skeleton.”

Since then he appears on almost every show, has his own Facebook Page, and has even shown up with me at a few speaking engagements.

Just about every evening I create a small graphic with a quote on it, under the title of “Chubby the Skeleton’s #BareBonesWisdom.” This goofy little thing gets so much engagement on my social media sites.

Then I started doing a morning one, in which at list the number of days I’ve been on the planet, followed by just a very few words related to the graphic quote.

Again, so much engagement!

Why is this important to you?

This is important to you because engaged people buy your stuff! Simple as that.

I have a friend and colleague, Brian Basilico, who every night has a caption contest on Facebook. Tons of engagement.

Regular Features

All of these are examples of regular features.

So here are you next success steps:

1) Brainstorm some ideas in which you could create a “regular feature” on your Social Media sites. No idea is too silly. C’mon, I have a skeleton sidekick called Chubby 😉

2) Grab my Free Resource Guide for the Top 5 Social Media Graphics Apps & Resources – get it right here!

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