Master the “What to Do When” Template

The psychology behind the “What to Do When” template is this:

When you can predict for someone the things that could go wrong and then offering a step by step plan of what to do, you are “leading them in advance.”

This positions you as the “go to” expert in your niche, and ups your credibility.

This is not only great for what to when bad things happen. You can also use this template for the next success steps in your niche.

Ex: What to do when it’s time to create your first info product.


What to do when it’s time to take your new puppy to the vet.

So now it’s time to make 2 lists:

List 1 – Bad things that could happen in your niche.

List 2 – Next success steps of members in your niche.

And then provide the beginning steps they need to take for each situation.

Now you’ve got a list of ideas for content, videos, live casts, info-products, etc.

Suggestion 1: Get started with one before your head hits the pillow tonight

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  • Love short articles like this one that get to the point. Already have 5 great blog post (and title!) ideas using the “what to do when…” formula you present.

    Would love to grab the 21 blog post ideas, but the form on that page doesn’t seem to be working at the moment…

  • Way to take fast action Liane – appreciate you!

    Thanks for letting me know – try this link and let me know

    ~ Jeff

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